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I recently passed the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification(AZ-900) and found that many people were putting queries regarding the whole process and experience of giving the exam. Hence, I am putting the entire process here, and I hope it might help anyone.

First, my interest in Cloud Computing as a part of my Data Science curriculum motivated me to attempt this exam. Learning about the Machine Learning and Cognitive Services that is being provided by the Azure services to run and deploy models is a good experience for any person in the Data Science field. …

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Statistics is an undeniable basic foundation for any analysis related to data irrespective of any field like Data Science, Data Analytics, Forecasting , Time Series Analysis. Statistics is a vast arena of exploration and understanding. It is always important to keep in mind however simple fact it may be, its always good to know again.

Here, I write about the common questions faced in some interviews or panel discussion regarding the statistics and how those has been answered . This blog features a part-I of the series with 15 questions.

In the field of Analytics and Data Science, where 90% of work is determined by the data whether it be its behaviour, correlations ,its impact of the insights that it can lead to. Hence , Data Visualization plays a key role. Having knowledge of tools which can represent your data in your perspective and your view to the world is an essential factor.

Hence, I started experimenting with another tool to explore it. Power BI is the hype of the moment. Not only it gives the Visualization but also has a feature of Quick Insights which can deduced various relationships…

How about using Python and PyCharm IDE to design a simple GUI that can read a pdf file while can convert any .txt, .doc,.docx file to a pdf file before reading the same. Just for fun!!

Overview :

Various python libraries and packages such as pyttsx3, tkinter, pyPDF2 are being used for the front-end and back-end implementation of the application. The simple functionality is to readout the file provided to the GUI in the file location along with the page number of interest from which the reading should begin as the input of the GUI . In case the given…

Subhasree Mohapatra

IT professional and an enthusiast about Data Science. Pursuing Masters in Data Science at RMIT University, Melbourne.

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